Sustainable hotel in Mallorca

A comfortable and responsible accommodation experience

A comfortable and responsible accommodation experience

At our establishment, we not only strive to offer unforgettable experiences, but we are also committed to being responsible stewards of the environment. Each stay in our hotel is impregnated with eco-friendly actions that reflect our commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the environment.

From the moment you arrive, we invite you to be an active part of our environmental commitment. Our belief is that every small action counts, and when our guests join this initiative, we further strengthen our positive impact on the planet. Together, we create an environment where environmental awareness merges with comfort and hospitality, providing a unique and responsible experience.

So, during your stay, we encourage you to enjoy all the comforts we offer, knowing that, by making responsible decisions, you directly contribute to the sustainability of our environment. Welcome to an experience where your participation makes a difference in the preservation of our beautiful planet!


We optimize the use of natural light. We consume 100% renewable energy through our installation of photovoltaic panels. We have a domestic hot water installation and energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning.


Criteria such as the acquisition of energy- and water-efficient equipment. Organic products, both food and non-food, are offered to customers.


We avoid the generation of waste by using individual reusable water bottles. We separate waste for subsequent recycling.


We encourage the use of sustainable transportation to the client.


We have an electric vehicle charging point.


We promote responsible use of water resources. In addition, we control the flow of faucets and showers.